30 years later, MEWILO returns to the front of the stage with a new game of this fantastic investigation and rich in emotions: The secret of the jar of gold.
You are transported in 1900, in the tumultuous past of an island of the Antilles, the Martinique.

It is a pioneering breakthrough, a symbol of the French Touch of the 80s, magnified by the tools and mobile and fixed supports of today, that Muriel TRAMIS and his team propose you to (re) discover.

Here is the first teaser
The new MEWILO is:

  • A story enriched by Muriel TRAMIS : more places, more characters, more puzzles and even more mysteries.

  • Scenes of Caribbean life illustrated by Kendy JOSEPH as a Haitian-style artwork.

  • An original soundtrack composed by Patrick RIVIERE, jazz clarinetist.

  • A programming full of tricks, in the purest tradition of point & click, provided by Erwan JESTIN.

  • And always the literary verve of Patrick CHAMOISEAU, writer of creolity.

  • An unprecedented reconstruction work allows
    us to rediscover the atmosphere of this city nicknamed
    "the little Paris of the West Indies" or "the tropical Venice".
    Vintage photo
    The original
    The game