The core team is:
Muriel TRAMIS - Author & Project Director

Originally from Martinique, Muriel Tramis, is a pioneer in the design of video games.
After a training in engineering school (ISEP, Institut Supérieur d'Electronique de Paris), she spent 5 years at Aerospatiale where she develops programs for automatic control of military drones.
Turning to more peaceful activities, between 1987 and 1998 she created a dozen point & click adventure games at the French studio Coktel Vision. She also collaborated on the design of the ADI/ADIBOU range that has attracted millions of schoolchildren and college students around the world. She then specialized in the reproduction of cities in 3D for urban planning projects
It is a return to the playful field that she undertakes by launching the remake of MEWILO, the first video game evoking the history of the West Indies, for which she received the silver medal of the city of Paris. It brings to its remake all the game-play - scenario and interactive mechanisms - that makes the charm of the genre "point & click".

Erwan JESTIN - Developer

A great computer enthusiast since 1986, Erwan Jestin has made his first steps as a coder on the MSX. Then, his interest fell on the Amiga which he joined the community in 90.
In the 2000s, the evolution of computing and its professional obligations led him, forced and forced to switch to the PC.
Rich in his experience, his desire to transmit and exchange, he oversees for 4 years the developments of MPL, as project director.
In 2014, his determination drives him to lead his own projects. It is then that he creates BPJ Studio and embarks on the development of retrogaming video games and mobile applications.
BPJ Studio is notably known for its retrogamming distributions "Happi Game Center" and "Happiga".
His passion for retrogaming and the Amiga push him, end of 2017 to join the team of MEWILO to develop the new version.

Patrick RIVIERE - Film animator & Musician

Classically trained musician, Patrick Rivière has been nourished by jazz and traditional music.
He has brought his compositional talents to video games as well as short films and dance and theater shows.
He plays clarinet, piano and tin whistle in various Parisian bands, Zatva, Les Cigales Bleues, Les Pas Possibles and singer Anna Morse.
He is also a graphic designer specializing in 3D animation and gives courses at LISAA (Higher Institute of Applied Arts).
He has worked on 3D productions (commercials, clips and TV dressing). He has also collaborated on the production of many video games within Ubisoft, Neko, 4X, Visual Impact, In Utero and The Last King (China) .

Kendy JOSEPH - Illustrator

Kendy JOSEPH is a self-taught 2D artist of Haitian descent. Gifted from an early age for drawing, he made his debut in an Illustration Studio of textbooks, history books and comic books.
Then, he discovered digital tools, such as Photoshop, and formed on the job. Independent contractor, he performs work on demand while publishing original comics in the form of e-books in English, in collaboration with other illustrators or solo.
For two years he has been involved in the world of video games where he develops storyboarder, character designer and cinematic animator talents.
Each of his performances is a true work of art in which he describes history or daily life. He is as comfortable with a stream of shimmering colors as with twilight and twilight. He knows how to express the joy and pain of Caribbean legends, often with a touch of eroticism.

The satellites that revolve around are:

Pierre-Alain DE GARRIGUES, also known as PADG, is one of the most requested French voice over comedians. He has participated in more than 45,000 recordings on radio or TV, in a variety of registers.
We hear it both in the satirical deliriums of the "Guignols de l'info" and in very serious historical or animal documentaries.
He lends his voice, spoken or sung, to many characters or jingles of pubs that it would be too long to quote here.
PADG is also a key voice in the world of video games in several hundred titles. He has long collaborated with the studio Coktel Vision. He is the one who created the unforgettable voice of ADI, the alien.


Xavier CAUCHETEUR is passionate about computer science since the age of 10 years. He made his first steps on the ZX81.
Independent designer, he wrote software for Windows then for the PSP.
Today, he mainly creates games and apps for Android smartphones and tablets. It ensures alone the code, the scenario, the graphics and the animations.
It was because he had not managed to finish MEWILO in his youth that he decided to make contact with the author, Muriel TRAMIS, to finally lead him to the end.
From this exchange sprang the project of a remake and Xavier developed the prototype that allowed to validate the frame of the new scenario.